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Yomi Infra

Blockchain and web3 games are still in its infancy; most blockchain games now lack mainstream adoption due to poor user experience. Users are expected to install 3rd party wallets and also separately purchase crypto tokens to power for on-chain transactions. This is particularly challenging on mobile devices, which are more restricted.
To help solve this, we created Yomi Infra, our own proprietary backend architecture. It enables a better web3 user experience by providing free transactions to users and can support both mobile and web crypto applications. Mainstream users don’t need to set up their own wallets or learn how to interact with smart contracts — the app executes any on-chain transactions for them on the backend, securely.
For our players, all this means is that playing Yomi Gardens will not require any crypto knowledge whatsoever. They will still be able to own NFTs and earn tokens in-game, and will already have a wallet setup for them to use when they decide to transact on-chain.
Crypto natives and owners of Oni Squad NFTs will be able to connect their Metamask or other self-custodial wallets to an account tied to our game servers.
Learn more about Yomi Infra and how it works here.