🏯Garden Facilities

Players can build multiple types of facilities in their Garden.

All essence, alchemy, and rest facilities can be leveled up. Leveling up a facility increases its effectiveness or resource generation capabilities.

Certain facilities can be staffed by companions to boost their effectiveness. Other facilities provide unique bonuses, mini-games, and opportunities to deepen your relationship with fellow conservatory researchers.

Over the course of the game, players will be able to build many different facilities, each with unique benefits.

Facility Types


Alchemy facilities produce the elixirs and mist potions that are sold for gold.

Alchemy facilities can also be staffed with companions to improve price and yield.


Essence facilities produce ingredients that are used to create more advanced elixirs, which can in turn be sold for more gold.

Each new essence building increases the base price of its associated potion.

Essence facilities can be staffed with companions to improve price and yield.


Rest facilities are places where your companions relax at when they're taking a break from farming activities. Rest facilities generate Tsuki Energy which can be used to upgrade the prices of various elixirs and mists.


Date locations are places where players can interact with collected companions and other members of the conservatory. They're also places to learn more about the broader netherworld...and further explore its hidden secrets.

Each companion has its own unique, associated date facility, which players can build upon receiving a new companion. For example, Satsuki works at the Akai Moon Cafe...while Manami is often spotted hanging out at the local Arcade.

Players can initiate new dates with characters at their date location.


Blessed by the lunar deities, Celestial buildings are special landmarks that bestow additional unique benefits to players.

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