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Yomi Gardens features multiple different currencies: three soft game currencies, Gold, Tsuki Energy, and Stardust, and a hard game currency, Crystals.

Soft Currency

  • Gold
  • Tsuki Energy
  • Stardust

Hard Currency

  • Crystals
Gold and Tsuki Energy are soft in-game currencies that are earned and spent throughout the game. They cannot be traded and have no value outside the game, and accumulation of each is only relevant to each individual player's progress.
Stardust is also a soft in-game currency. It is primarily obtained by ghosting duplicate companions in exchange for Stardust, and used to re-roll companion traits and purchase gifts.
Crystals are premium utility tokens that can be purchased and used for trading inside the game. They can also be earned for completing various achievements or tasks in the game. These tokens will be required to roll for new companion banners and acquire certain other premium goods, but won't be required to fully complete and enjoy the game.