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Free-to-Own (F2O)

Yomi Gardens will be "free-to-own (F2O)", a combination of free-to-play and asset ownership. In our F2O model, anyone will be able to fully complete the game without spending anything, and be eligible to earn and own collectable assets over time.
We're inspired by leading free-to-play games such as Genshin Impact, which provides players with characters that are both appealing and viable even throughout endgame content.
Similarly, companions in our game are designed to be collectable, but all players will be able to receive and collect multiple free 3* and 4* companions. 5* companions will undoubtedly be scarcer, stronger, and more desirable to own, but won't be required to progress through the game.
New blockchain game projects such as DigiDaigaku have also embraced F2O as a new model. We believe free-to-play combined with player-owned economies will be the dominant model for all of gaming in the future. Our Genesis collection Oni Squad was also a free mint, rare during its debut era of paid mints, and will provide ongoing utility in Yomi Gardens.