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Players will be able to interact with the companions they've collected in various ways.
Interactions include short conversations, increasing Affection, accessorizing, and occasionally going on visual-novel style dates with their various companions. These interactions are unlocked by players once they receive a new companion and their accompanying "home" facility.

Companion Affection

Companion Affection levels can be increased over time, which provides additional additive bonuses to their core bonus trait.
Players can increase companion Affection levels in two ways:
  • Chatting with them
  • Buying them appropriate gifts
Players receive gifts via:
  • Mini-games at various facilities in your Garden
  • Bought with stardust or gold in stores
  • In-game rewards
Companions each have their own unique preferences and personalities...if you pick the right gift, they'll grow to like you more!

Date Locations

Players will unlock new dating locations as they progress through the game. When companions reach Affection level milestones, players will be able to take their companions out on a date and learn more about their story...and the broader affliction plaguing Yomi.
Dates must be completed in order to continue leveling up companions.
In future updates, players will also be able to further accessorize their companions with various outfits or accessories.