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The Yomi Gardens team (Yomi Games) is experienced building mass-market consumer tech products and passionate about gaming and crypto. We've worked at companies such as Consensys, 2U, Polygon, Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Jam City, Kraken, etc. The team is comprised of ~10 people and growing.

Our CEO and co-founder, Pavan Katepalli, was an early employee and the CTO/CLO of Trilogy Education, which sold for $750m to edtech giant 2U ($TWOU). He also was a blockchain architect at Consensys (where Metamask and Infura was made) and a speaker at Bitcoin 2019 and Blockworld 2018.

Jason, our co-founder and COO, launched Omlet Arcade, a large mobile game live-streaming platform, from zero to over 10m active users (100m+ downloads) and led key partnerships with Riot Games, Tencent, Facebook, Twitch, and many others. He has over a decade of experience in the gaming industry and also served as a gaming advisor to Polygon Studios.


We're always looking for great talent passionate about building the next great crypto games. Email us at hello@yomigames.gg

Investors & Partners

We're proud to be partnered with the top crypto and gaming investors in the world.

Venture Funds

Select Notable Angels

  • Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch, Co-founder & CEO of Metatheory)

  • Dan Dinh, (Co-founder of TSM FTX)

  • Thomas Vu (Head of Franchise at Riot Games)

  • Alex Chung (Founder of Giphy)

  • Don Ho (Co-founder of Quantstamp)

  • Dan Sommer (Founder of Trilogy Education)

  • Jason Lau (COO of OKex)

  • Anh Le (Partner at CRCM Ventures)

  • Mike Ouye (VP of Product at Cloud9)


  • Lives of Asuna - Yomi Games is the architect and developer of LOA's upcoming innovative cross-chain inventory swapping feature. Asuna ETH NFT owners will be able to trade and swap accessories with each other on Polygon, without bridging or paying gas fees. We will use an upgraded version of this architecture to power Yomi Gardens' future trading and accessory features.

  • Concept Art House - also an investor and partner production studio

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