Trading will be a key component of the game. Peer-to-peer trading is rarely offered even in PC games, and almost never in mobile casual games. We think blockchain and digital asset scarcity uniquely enables trading as both a viable and fun experience.

Players will sometimes be provided choices on which characters they want to collect, and not all free players will necessarily have the same companions. Additionally, while all players will be able to choose and receive different companions, they will need to trade for or buy more companions in order to fully staff their buildings.

Tradable assets include:

  • Companions

  • Onis

  • Tokens

Players will be able to trade their assets in an in-game marketplace using designated premium currency. They will also be able to withdraw and trade NFTs on decentralized exchanges. Premium currencies will also be convertible to crypto tokens on a separate website later.

Note that facilities are not tradable and must be constructed by players individually as they progress through the game.

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