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Game Feature Roadmap

Where we are, and what's coming next
At public beta release, we will have the core game loop and primary game features ready. These features include the aforementioned core idle farming and building loop, companion interactions (including gifting and visual-novel style interactive storylines), and gacha lootboxes to collect and unlock new companions.
We currently have the following tentative roadmap slated for future updates and releases. Some of these may change or more will be added based on player feedback:
  • Daily and weekly mission system incentivizing player progression
  • Premium in-game currency and IAP store
  • In-game marketplace enabling players to trade their collectible companions (NFTs), subject to App Store approvals
  • Enhanced animations and graphics – day/night and weather cycles
  • Improvements to leveling system as players level up their collectible companions
  • Implement in-game bonuses for Oni Squad holders
  • New companion lootbox banners (ongoing)
  • New facilities (ongoing)
  • Light social features (i.e. leaderboards, visiting other players’ Gardens, etc.)
  • New mini-game(s)
  • Element buff/synergy system for companions
  • Potential token tied to game currencies
  • New companion lootbox banners (ongoing)
  • New facilities (ongoing)
Q3’23 onwards
  • TBD based on user feedback
  • New companion lootbox banners (ongoing)
  • New facilities (ongoing)