🌌Our Vision

A magical adventure awaits

Step into the Garden

Yomi Gardens is a new free-to-own (F2O) mobile blockchain game and a massive expansion of the Oni Squad netherverse. We're describing the gameplay as "Genshin Impact meets idle farming simulation" -- a casual mobile game set in a magical, anime fantasy world with an immersive storyline and relationship leveling / light dating mechanics.

As players generate resources and optimize their conservatory garden, they will have the opportunity to collect and own an expanding set of companions as digital collectibles. Different characters unlock new storylines and provide different bonuses to your garden. Characters you meet will possess vibrant personalities and will double as profile-picture NFTs that can be accessorized or upgradeable.

As we continue to develop the game, we plan to add new game modes and introduce new meta elements. We envision that characters earned in Yomi Gardens' core farming loop will remain connected to games across our expanding netherverse.

Gamer First

Our #1 focus is to provide an enjoyable game that is playable by all gamers worldwide. Gamers will be able to play our game for free, access it via mobile devices, and will not require any knowledge of or interaction with crypto.

The crypto components of our game will greatly enhance gameplay by facilitating global trading, a player-owned economy, and enabling dedicated players to earn over time. We're hoping that many players will initially enjoy Yomi Gardens for the gameplay, and later pleasantly discover that a companion they own is rare with many interested buyers.

Much of our design philosophy is centered around ensuring the web3 aspects are fun, fair, and sustainable.

Oni Squad

Our first generative NFT collection, Oni Squad, and affiliated Oni Mansion collection will continue to have utility in our netherverse.

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