Companions are your fellow Yomi Gardens students, professors, or other intriguing personalities you meet while attending the conservatory. They are all digital collectibles and are the primary assets players will collect and trade. They provide bonus resource generation to your Garden and unlock interactive storylines.

Companion Rarities

Each companion will have a random set of traits, which the game will designate as having rarity ranking as either 3*, 4*, or 5*. 5* companions have the strongest in-game bonuses and/or have the rarest visual traits.

3* and 4* companions are still excellent and useful in-game, but will provide fewer benefits overall and will be far more plentiful. Some companions will be provided for free or by playing the game, while others can only be obtained through limited-time lootboxes.

All companions will be tradable or obtainable from other players after their limited-time banners end.

An example of potential companion traits include:

  • Bonuses to elixir prices

  • Increased farming speed or yield

  • Different hair or eye colors, and various aesthetic accessories

  • Bonuses or resistances during weather changes

Upgrading Companions

Players will be able to upgrade specific companions by re-rolling on specific traits using stardust. Stardust is obtained via in-game rewards or "ghosting" companion duplicates they receive from lootboxes.

As traits improve, their star-level may increase as well.

Elemental Affinities

Each companion possesses an elemental affinity. There are a total of 5 elements:

  • Fire πŸ”₯ -- Drive, passion, motivation

  • Earth πŸ” -- Collectiveness, stability, physicality, and gravity

  • Water πŸ’¦ -- Thoughtfulness, defensiveness, flexibility

  • Wind πŸŒͺ -- Elusiveness, open-minded, carefree

  • Void πŸŒ€ -- Creativity, spontaneity, inventiveness, spirit

Elemental affinities will provide additional bonuses and play a larger part in future game modes -- more to come!

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