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Core Gameplay

"When the land suffers . . . we all suffer. The plants. The creatures. Us."
— Clara
Yomi Gardens is set at an elite research institute dedicated to studying Yomi's fading phenomenon, and its effects on the flora and fauna of the world. Players will grow and harvest many different plants over the course of the game.
Plant essence is extracted to create magical elixirs and other items that are then auto-sold for gold. As users collect more gold, they can buy more facilities, upgrade potion recipes, and interact with companions in the institute.
Gold is purely a game currency, and is not on the blockchain. However, there are crypto token elements in the game which you can read more about here.
Players will be able to:
  • Build new facilities
  • Upgrade facilities and recipes
  • Actively sell elixirs for gold, or passively accumulate gold over time
  • Customize and decorate their conservatory garden
  • Unlock special buildings or events in the game
  • ...and more TBD
Dating & Storylines
As players progress, they will meet and befriend fellow students, professors, and characters. Most of these companions can be leveled up, which unlocks interactive dialogue and intriguing storylines.
More details can be found in the dating section here.
Companion Bonuses
Companions also provide passive bonuses to your garden. Examples of bonuses include higher prices of potions, faster resource generation, weather resistance, or unlocking special plants or recipes.
Companions also provide other bonuses which are detailed in the companion section here.

Future game updates

The game will continually be updated and evolve over time. Future releases may include updates such as weather effects, social, and other new gameplay.