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Yomi Gardens

A once-vibrant world between realms faces extinction—will you be the one to save it?
"When the moon is full, the land will be restored~ (singing)…though the Fading comes, it’s ne’er without reward"
~“Beautiful Blue,” a popular folk song
Every hundred years, the nether realm of Yomi underwent a season-long regenerative event crucial to restoring balance and replenishing resources: the Fading. Select inhabitants were chosen by the Guardians and transported to adjacent realms until the land’s decay could be reversed. Then the cycle began anew. Unending. Unchallenged.
Or at least it was . . . until now.
In less than thirty years since the previous Fading, the realm’s delicate balance has been upturned, resulting in such sharp decay that the entire ecosystem is collapsing. Its inhabitants are not only fading prematurely but randomly, and are also failing to return.
...the realm is dying.
Faced with potential extinction, the Guardians have summoned you to break the curse plaguing Yomi and save their once-vibrant world . . . before it’s too late.
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